Pommern Water Project


To build a new multi-use water system which will provide the Pommern community with a reliable and safe supply of drinking water.  The new water system will take water from a nearby river to new water storage units where it will be continuously available.  The new water system will also purify the water for safe drinking.

This new water system would supply water to the Pommern Secondary School, Primary School, Medical Clinic, Kindergarten and many other people in the community.

We need to raise $70,000 to build the new water system.

The Need

There is a great need for a new multi-use water system.  The current water system was built in1970 and was intended for only 600 people.  Now over 4,000 people are drawing on this water system resulting in overuse and inadequate water.  The system often breaks down and only temporary repairs can be made.  Students and villagers must often walk long distances to the river for water.  Moreover, the current water system provides only unclean water to drink which is not usually boiled and not treated resulting in sickness.  Even the medical clinic does not currently have clean water for its medical staff or its patients.

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